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Fragrances that make your mood.

Lucia Merlo Perfumes

If it's a day when you need some "positive arrogance" spray yourself with "E allora?!" If you need a positive charge and energy "Daje" is what you need, if instead you want to be pervaded by a feeling of peace "Tempo al Tempo" will be your ally for guaranteed relaxation

E allora?! Piramide Olfattiva
E allora?! Eau de Parfum by Lucia Merlo


Don't worry about them; instead, hold your head high and move forward confidently. 'E allora?!' It's like shrugging off discomfort when someone says something awkward to you, and you don't even flinch. 'E allora?!' Safe and alluring, nothing can harm you.

Daje Piramide Olfattiva


The wild fig grows and thrives in various temperatures, in absurd places and positions... even upside down. 'Daje' embodies a concentration of strength and determination. 'Daje,' that's it. If you set your mind to something, you will achieve it, no matter how challenging it may be. You will emerge victorious and illuminate your surroundings with your light as a captivating leader

Daje Eau de Parfum by Lucia Merlo
Tempo al Tempo Piramide Olfattiva


Patience is the virtue of the strong"... Amidst total chaos, they find the ability to remain firmly grounded and reassure those around them. They serve as points of reference, possessing the charm of fire; what doesn't burn you, warms you. They exude the charm of a harbor that welcomes you when the waves are too high to sail at sea. "Tempo al Tempo" is like a calming mantra, gently cradling you. It's perfect for becoming a tightrope walker, adept at navigating the unexpected events of the day

Tempo al Tempo Eau de Parfum by Lucia Merlo
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