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Lucia Merlo Bags offer a unique fashion experience, mirroring the distinctiveness of our products. Our bags are meticulously crafted with a distinctive blend of stitching, accessories, and colors, ensuring that each piece is singular and never replicated. Utilizing high-quality materials, both exotic and non-exotic leathers, and premium accessories and hardware, our bags represent an unparalleled product entirely crafted in Milan by skilled and prestigious artisans.

・ Quality and exotic

・ Unique and unrepeatable

・ Italian labor,
     excellence craftsmen

・ Tailor made for the


Lucia Merlo is a creative, visionary entrepreneur with decades of proven experience in the fashion and fashion design industry, working with prestigious brands. The project stems from her meticulous attention to detail and creative design of bespoke products in apparel. She will personally serve as your consultant in crafting the bag of your dreams, guiding and advising you throughout the process of designing your unique and unrepeatable piece. She will tailor it to your style and needs, adapting and brainstorming alongside you.

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